“I’ve been working as a Realtor for close to 8 years now. I originally started my career here at Re/Max Centre City Realty, but in my 6th year as a Realtor, I decided to try something different by joining a smaller boutique brokerage here in London. I spent a short year there and promptly came back. Why? Well for many good reasons. I learned many things from this experience. Number one, the power of the Re/Max brand. It goes a very long way and positions us all as true professionals. That power was absent when I wasn’t here and I noticed it firsthand. Also, the atmosphere of success in this office and the great people who work here combine to make for a very inspiring work environment. The constant support of our awesome broker Carl, our manager Roger and all the great administrative staff make this a fantastic place to build a successful career. Sometimes you don’t appreciate what you have until it is gone. I am proud to tell people I work at Re/Max Centre City Realty and I thrive off the success of my peers. There’s a great synergy at this office with the many seasoned veterans and the many new faces who join us each year. I am grateful to be a part of this great brokerage, and personally this has been my best year in the business. Coincidence? I don’t think so.”

Gord Prior

“As a new Real Estate Sale Representative I can honestly say I LOVE my job each and every day working at REMAX Centre City!

Starting a new career was scary to say the least but between the REMAX Lead Street program, the education from REMAX and referrals and help from my co workers I am surpassing my goals!!

Every day is challenging and learning and I”m so looking forward to many years with REMAX Centre City!”

Karen Dallas

I began my Real Estate career at a small independent Brokerage in St. Thomas. After joining Re/Max in 2009, I noticed an instant change in how I was perceived as a Realtor. People were more willing to work with me and the company was no longer in question. Re/Max has given me the confidence and the resources to be an award winning Realtor. Our broker and manager have had long successful careers in Real Estate careers and are always willing to discuss ways to better our business and keep us motivated. An added bonus is our Lead Street lead generating program. Nothing better than free business from the company!

Joe Mavretic

Three years ago when I began my career in real estate, I wanted to build a strong brand for myself that started with the most recognized name in the business – Re/Max.

When I interviewed Carl I realized that he had vast knowledge and experience that would be an asset in building my business plan. As he is no longer actively selling real estate, he is always available to mentor. The fact that he is always willing to discuss any business ideas or situations and provide guidance is tremendous.

The additional resources at Re/Max are great! Using Re/Max Best Agent keeps my expenses down, and having the Re/Max specific discounts with Canada Post keeps my mailing costs under control.
What other company has a lead generation system for its agents like Lead Street?

In my mind, the best part about working at Re/Max Centre City is the support staff. They are the best in the industry, with their professionalism and ability to promptly assist in any task that needs to get done.

The other agents are true professionals, and are friendly and helpful. As a new agent, I received very positive and useful information and feedback on how to build my business.

Re/Max Centre City is always an enjoyable and friendly environment to work in.

Doug Galbraith

In my 24 years of selling real estate, one thing is for sure; Carl Vandergoot’s marketing expertise and real estate knowledge from his days as a Selling Agent are incredible assets to myself and to RE/MAX Centre City. I love that I can truly be an independent contractor, in charge of my own destiny and success. This can only be achieved with the support we have available at Re/Max Centre City. In my opinion, there is no other Real Estate Company or office that offers anything close.

Tiz Orlando

We joined REMAX 23 years ago because it is the world’s leading brand. We are at REMAX Centre City because of Carl. Carl embraced the REMAX philosophy from the ground up and provides an office environment that enables all of his agents to reach their personal goals. Carl provides knowledgeable leadership, quick response and an open-door policy second to none.

Connie Grant

Before I began my real estate career, I interviewed at 4 brokerages. All of them “name brands”. From that moment, the decision of where I would go was pretty much made for me and all signs pointed to RE/MAX Centre City.
It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had definitely made the right decision. Words cannot describe the incredible support staff that are always happy to help with whatever my business needs. They are beyond amazing. Or the decades of experience and open door policy of Roger and Carl, ready to give me the tweak I need, whenever I need it. Thanks so much for giving me a stable and solid work environment, I’m looking forward to the future here.

Consider it done.

Rob Jonkhans

I joined RE/MAX Centre City in May 2013 and I know that I made the right decision. RE/MAX has provided me with the tools and the training that have started my career in the right direction. The technology that RE/MAX provides is second to none, the RE/MAX Lead Street program has helped launch my career by providing me with twelve Leads so far, two I have sold and closed and I have 5 active clients that I am working with, directly from RE/MAX Lead Street. RE/MAX Centre City has also provided me with hands on training and a clear direction to make certain I am successful in my career. I know I will become a Top Producer with the RE/MAX brand.

Dave Covemaeker

I joined Re/Max Centre City for many reasons back in July 1st, 1989 almost 25 years ago. The major reason was Re/Max offered its agents the flexibility of having their own style of business and over the years I was able to create a steady and reliable income. Second was the Re/Max Brand has proven to be one of the strongest real estate brands in the World. Third is the Remax’s commitment to helping the agents through educational and motivational programs locally and nationally. Fourthly is Re/Max’s referral program set up to gain you access to the best agents around the world. Finally is the strong commitment of the Broker to ensure, I as an agent perform at my best and for that I am greatly appreciative. Thank you Carl for providing me with an enthusiastic and steady work environment with a strong and happy support staff for all those years.


John DeBlock, Broker - Team Leader of Team DeBlock

“I have been a sales representative with Re/Max Centre City for 9 years and I can’t imagine working anywhere else. After being here for so long, it feels like family!! Our friendly staff is always available to help & answer your questions. With all the full time agents, our office is always buzzing – we know more because we sell more!!
Ever hear the saying “you get what you pay for?” go ahead & compare apples to apples, & I am sure you will find we are quite competitive with other offices although we offer more – Re/Max is constantly creating innovative ways to remain the leader in Real Estate between the advertising/promotion, tools, & exclusive training programs. Our Re/Max office alone has a weekly schedule for their agents to develop their skills and further educate – all voluntary of course. Whether you are a new agent looking to learn the ropes or an experienced agent wanting to grow your business, our management is here to help you do just that.

Nothing beats the “Re/Max” brand!! Why wouldn’t you want to work with the best?”

Melissa Keillor

“Working with Carl at RE/MAX has allowed me to excel in my real estate career over the past four years. Both Carl and the support staff here have been exceptional, and have been a key part in helping me to grow my business and ensure that all of my clients have a great experience when working with me.

If you’re looking to get serious about growing your business, I feel confident in saying that RE/MAX Centre City is the place you need to be. Not only does RE/MAX as a whole put a tonne of resources behind their agents, but both Carl and Roger have run highly successful business and have years of experience and knowledge to pass on – which they readily do. There is a culture of collaboration and encouragement in our office, and this has really helped me to create, sustain, and grow my business. Every year my business is growing, and I know that I have in large part, Carl and RE/MAX to thank for that.”

Cory McArthur - Sales Representative

I just celebrated my 5th year anniversary at RE/MAX Centre City. I’ve been a licensed Realtor since 1994. I was with another Brokerage for 3 ½ years. I left the business for 11 years but in 2008 I decided to start selling real estate again. When I was deciding where to go I knew what I wanted and needed…A great Company with a great Broker, someone who knew how to sell real estate not because they went to a seminar but because they actually did it. I asked around to both family and friends and it kept coming back to Carl Vandergoot at RE/MAX. I joined RE/MAX in the fall of 2008 and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. His wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry is something that I use constantly. The support staff and sales programs they run are the best in the industry. I would recommend RE/MAX and Carl to any sales person new or seasoned.

Dan Guindon

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